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An Excellent Concrete Contractor for Your Driveway!

Concrete is a favorite material for driveways, and there is undoubtedly a reason for this. Concrete slabs are very durable and robust, and they require very little maintenance. The combination of longevity and strength makes concrete a relatively good value for big areas of paving. As a driveway, concrete is more costly than asphalt and gravel, and it’s considerably costlier than a driveway that is made with cobblestone, concrete pavers, or brick. It will typically outlast all these. LCI- Concrete.com is a concrete contractor that can complete your driveway installation project.

Concrete is sometimes referred to as cement, but in reality, the word cement refers to one component that makes up concrete. It’s a composite material that is made up of various types of stone aggregates. They are held together with a mixture of lime-based binder that is usually Portland cement and water. The size of the aggregate in the concrete mix can vary. It depends on the intended use of the concrete.  For typical structural construction used, concrete is formed with aggregates, but for smoother and finer work, finer sands can be used as the aggregate. The typical mixture that is used in driveway sidewalks, slabs, or other moving structures usually uses aggregate ranging from gravel to sand-sized particles.

Although a residential property owner can do the job themselves, it’s quite hard work, and the result won’t be as good. Time is a critical element because once the concrete is poured, it begins to harden exceptionally quickly. This is why you need a team of experts to handle the job. Based in Otsego, MN, we use only high-quality tools, equipment, and products for each installation job, and there is no doubt that we can handle your project too. We are waiting for your phone call!

Are you looking for a professional and reputable concrete contractor in Otsego, MN? LCI- Concrete.com is the one you should choose. Contact us at (763) 220-4846 today!

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