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Frequently Asked Questions

A reliable concrete contractor can make sure that any and all additions that are desired by the customers are provided to them at affordable price points. Our services and methods are second to none and we have done our due diligence over the years to constantly be evolving our approaches and continue to impress our customers. On this comprehensive page, customers can find a lot of the details that are very crucial to understanding if we make the right fit for their upcoming projects. However, for any additional information, they can simply reach out to LCI- Concrete.com, and our customer service experts will be happy to help. Our training and the work ethic that we provide are exceptional across the entire Otsego, MN area.

Why is concrete the ideal choice for driveways?

Concrete has an incredible lifespan and reliable concrete service providers can lead to high-quality results that are cost-effective and can be entirely tailored to the ideas and requirements of the customers. Concrete is versatile, easy to work with, strong, durable, and able to handle all the traffic that a driveway is bound to see.

How to build reliable sidewalks?

If you are looking to get some custom-built concrete sidewalk additions to any given property, which are both visually pleasing as well as functional, you can simply reach out to trained professionals to get reliable finishes. Experts strive to ensure that they provide exceptional results that are second to none and fit the precise expectations of the customers.

How to tackle stamped concrete?

To ensure that you get a stamped concrete driveway that lasts the test of time and is built to the last, hire us! Surfaces made of stamped concrete are very visually pleasing and incredibly functional. Stamped concrete surfaces, if built properly, can also be repaired with relative ease.

How experienced are you?

If you need an experienced crew to build your new concrete driveway, turn to us! We have more than 28 years of extensive experience through which we have dealt with some of the most demanding projects that have been placed before us. Our training and the attention to detail that we deliver are exceptional. To get the upper hand, we also make sure that we rely on modern tools and technologies to increase the quality of the results that we provide.

How long does concrete last?

Concrete lasts for years and, if maintained and repaired whenever necessary, can even last for decades on end. It is imperative to hire professionals that are highly trained in order to make sure that you are getting the highest quality additions possible. Concrete is a wonder material, but to make the most of your new installations, there is no replacement for trained experts.

We hope that after referring to all the insights covered on this page, you got the information you needed to determine if we are the right fit to address your concerns. However, if you need some more details or have some particular queries that you would like addressed, simply reach out to LCI- Concrete.com at (763) 220-4846, and we will be happy to help. Our work ethic is second to none across the entire Otsego, MN area.

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